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Together, with you, we're making this happen.

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Our Missions To Achieve Our Vision



AIS | Animal Influencer Salon

The Animal Influencer Salon constitutes an intrepid and innovative online community of story tellers, influencers, journalists, and pet industry workers who are committed to connecting and sharing the latest scientific research, regulatory developments, and practical know-how with Pet Parents, all pursuant to helping them live a more dynamic and rewarding life, with their companion animals at home.

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Dog Cancer Series Documentary

This epic documentary gives Pet Parents the opportunity to rethink the canine cancer epidemic, and begin to anticipate how they can play a role in preventing disease acquisition for their companion animal, as well as addressing disease via novel interventions.  The Dog Cancer Series provides groundbreaking information from 50 experts in the field, as well as practical tools for Pet Parents to help their companion animals live longer more healthful lives.

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Know Your Pet Food

Sometimes it's tough to evaluate what's in your dog or cat food, just by relying on what the product label discloses.  However, with the power of advanced genetic, microbial, micro-nutrient and metabolomic laboratory testing, having a comprehensive and precise line item understanding of exactly what's in the food that your dog or cat eats, is now possible. 

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Our passion lies in helping animals.

Our mission is to enhance the overall well being and vitality of pets worldwide.

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