Veterinary Research


The Applied Science and Performance Institute in Conjunction with Veterinary Healthcare Associates

Research in Veterinary Small Animal Health & Longevity

Providing funds for Veterinary Oncologists and Integrative Medicine practitioners and researchers to better understand the landscape of metabolism and disease, as well as establishing new, evidence based protocols for best practice medicine, is a key facet of the Paws For Change Mission. Our goal is to provide funding for research projects which materially advance our understanding of:

  1. Which forms of nutrition can help to mitigate the onset of Obesity, Diabetes, Cognitive Impairment, Cardiac Dysregulation, and Cancer.

  2. Which Epigenetic Biomarkers can offer us insight into the very early stages of disease.

  3. Which adjuvant therapies to Standard of Care can improve health outcomes.


Fund Individualized Animal Care
It's challenging for any Pet Parent when economic circumstances impact their ability to deliver the best care possible to their furry friend.  Our goal is to work with our Veterinary Hospital Partners to help subsidize the cost of care for cats and dogs in need.


Improve Education & Development for the Next Generation of Small Animal Health Care Practitioners

Given that Establishment Medicine does not always include the latest in medical and research advancements, it is critical that the next generation of Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians are afforded an opportunity to be exposed to the cutting edge of science.  Our goal is to collaborate with our professional educational partners, to subsidize Veterinary students so that they have access to professional symposiums, conferences, and educational opportunities which offer them a broader perspective as to what best practice medicine can look like.